Define Your Ritual

URBANE RITUAL (pronounced “ûr-bān”) was started in 2020 when founders Monty Beisel and Spencer Hill were inspired to create something they couldn’t find. As business partners, entrepreneurs and friends, URBANE RITUAL was born out of the desire to create modern, classic headwear forged in style and ultimate functionality.

Today, URBANE RITUAL is an upscale, sophisticated, modern lifestyle brand that is driven by fashion, music, art and ritual. Transcending the boundaries of traditional sport and athletic culture with headwear that seamlessly transitions between high-performance and elevated style.

URBANE RITUAL’s company mantra is “Define Your Ritual,” and we try to revolve everything around that ethos by designing transitional headwear developed specifically to take on your daily rituals.

URBANE RITUAL is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

-Monty Beisel & Spencer Hill, co-founders, URBANE RITUAL